All books, pencils etc are to be purchased by parents. A list of requirements for the following year will be sent out at the end of the current year. New Entrants will receive a stationery pack with all their requirements on arrival to school . This will be charged to parents on their school account. 

Kea Team Stationery Lists 2024

Kea 3 Book List 2024
Kea 5 Book List 2024
Kea 1 Book List 2024

Tui Team Stationery Lists 2024

Tui 1 Booklist
Tui 2 Book List
Tui 3 Book List 2024

Kiwi Team Stationery Lists 2024

2024 Kiwi 1 Book List
Kiwi 2 Booklist 2024.docx
Kiwi 3 Booklist 2024.docx
Kiwi 4 Booklist 2024.docx
Kiwi 5 Book list