Learning Areas

There are 8 learning areas (or subject areas) in The New Zealand Curriculum:

The values and competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum are woven into these learning areas. They are designed to encourage enjoyment of learning and the ability to think critically, manage oneself, set goals, overcome obstacles and get along with others – the attributes students need to succeed as adults.

Key Competencies -Learners Qualities 

Competencies are abilities and capabilities that people use to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities. At St Joseph's School we call these our Learners' qualities

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies 5 key competencies that it has a focus on children developing throughout their time at school:

At St joseph's School we call these key competencies the St Joseph's Learner's Qualities. We have 4 of these . Contributor, Thinker, Motivated Learner and Communicator.