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St Josephs Prospectus 2023_Proof (1)[15705].pdf

Prospectus 2023

St Joseph Strategic Plan 2023.pdf

Strategic Plan 2023

Annual Plan 2023

The Board of Trustees is responsible for seven key work areas in the school, which are:


Board members are elected to act on behalf of the school’s community to ensure that the school continuously improves student progress and achievement. 

Board work is primarily about governance of the school. Governance involves setting strategic direction through our vision, core values and strategic goals. Core work of the board includes setting targets and tracking student progress. This also includes regular review of curriculum areas. The board monitors financial expenditure of the school and sets a yearly budget. We also establish long term property plans and prioritize property projects with allocated funds.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the school complies with all legal directives made by the government and the Ministry of Education. This is done by ensuring we have robust policies and procedures in place. There is a clearly documented line between board work and management work. Boards of trustees govern (oversee management) and principals manage the school. It is not the role of the Board of Trustees to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the school, this is the responsibility of the principal and the school staff.

Lucia Ghidoli    


Proprietor's Representative

Cath Blacklow       Principal

Jo Rowlands       

Elected Representative

Robert Reid           
Elected Representative

Claire Robinson  
Elected Representative

Claire Smitheram  
Elected Representative

Father Lito Quinones
Proprietor's Representative

Father Huynh Tran  
Proprietor's Representative

Andrew McKenzie   

Elected Representative

Adona Reodique
Proprietor's Representative

Maree O'Neill
Proprietor's Representative

Arlene Middleton   
Staff Representative


ST Joseph's Ashburton Audited Annual Report .pdf

2022 Annual Report



From time to time the Board, Staff and School Community review policies and procedures. This gives all stakeholders the opportunity to have a say in how certain aspects of the school and currculum are managed. 

When required to do so, you will be notified in the newsletter of which policy we are reviewing and you can access the SchoolDocs website and review the policy and leave comment where appropriate.