When a child is absent from school, the school must be notified. This can be done through Hero or via phone. Please do this by 8.50 am. It is important that parents do let us know why their child is absent. Not only does it give us a greater and more accurate understanding of what is happening for our families , it allows us to support families in a timely and useful way.

NO child should be absent from school to support siblings at home while parents are at work. In New Zealand it is against the law to be at home by yourself under the age of 14. This usually means that until your children are 14 years old you will need to have a babysitter or an older family member look after your children.

If you need support with getting your child to school please contact us any time. We are happy to help with transport and/or accommodate individual situations and will work through a good solution together.

If your child is going to be absent from school for any length of time, please e mail  a note to the school office in advance.

In the event that we have not been advised of an absence, the school office will contact the emergency caregiver.

These procedures are necessary in keeping your children safe, and so the school can reassure the Board of Trustees that we are complying with Ministry Attendance requirements.


A daily check is kept on absences and punctuality. If a child arrives late to school they must call to the office first before going into their classroom.