As a Catholic School we provide an education for our children where the Catholic perspective covers all dimensions of our school life.

The Catholic Education we provide for the children is in line with the Religious Education programme taught in all New Zealand Catholic schools.

The programme covers the attitudes, values, knowledge and skills that children in a Catholic School need to acquire. The teaching is done in a systematic way enabling children to appreciate and grow in the Catholic Faith.

St Joseph’s School also ensures that Religious Observances are part of the school so that the children can experience sacramental celebrations and rituals that are appropriate to their stage of development.

We encourage links between the home, the school and the Parish. These three avenues are vital to developing a child’s concepts of faith as they learn what it is to be a Catholic. Our school supports Caritas, the NZ Catholic Aid Agency and regularly hold fundraising events. Senior pupils are encouraged to organise and be responsible for these events.

We attend Mass as a school several times throughout the year. We begin the new year with a full school Mass. Also, twice a year, we are part of a Sunday Mass in our parish of Mid Canterbury. It is expected that all pupils will be part of these Masses. Parents are always welcome to attend any Masses or Liturgies we may be part of during our school year.

Lord, help me to make my classroom a place where love and learning come to life.

Guide me in all that I do that I may strive not so much to teach as to awaken, not so much to instruct as to inspire.

Above all, help me to give my students love – a love gentle enough to touch, but firm enough to leave them room to grow.

And help me to give it now – that they may grow, learn and live their faith to be the hands and voice of Jesus.

What is Special Character in our School

When I think about Special Character at St Joseph’s school , I think about the wonderful opportunities  that being a school of special character offers to our students. 

Our students are given many experiences that enable them to grow and develop in their own  Catholic faith . They are given the opportunity to learn about God and develop a deeper relationship with God and they are encouraged to live their faith by being the hands and voice of Jesus.

Mrs Blacklow  

In our School we have many Committees, one is called the Special Character Committee. We organise prayers for the school, fundraisers, meet elderly people to keep them company and much more!

Our school thinks Special Character is about prayer through the Church and School community. The Special Character Committee is all about living in Jesus’ footsteps. 

This is said in our vision; “To Learn to Grow and to be the Hands and Voice of Jesus!” This means that we have to be like Jesus through our actions by showing our School Virtues. We focus on two Virtues per term. 

One of our virtues  is “Respect.” The Golden Rule is; “To Treat others the way YOU want to be Treated.” This has been a main focus in our school which encourages younger students to be kind to one another.

Special Character Committee